Samsung aims new notebooks at sweet spot

Samsung today launched a range of notebooks aimed at a mainstream corporate audience.

The SensPro 500 range comes in five configurations starting with the entry-level N500-DS2FN(UO2) (£1,600 + VAT), a 100MHz Pentium-based unit with 8Mb EDO RAM, 810Mb hard drive, optional CD-ROM drive and 11.3-inch dual-scan screen. The high-end N500-TS3CN(U35) (£3,000 + VAT) is a 150MHz Pentium-based notebook with 16Mb EDO RAM, 1.4Gb hard drive, six-speed CD-ROM drive and 12.1-inch TFT screen. All models have a dual-install option of Windows 95 and 3.11.

Product marketing manager Charles Bows said the machines will be badged Samsung, not AST in which Samsung has a large stake, because "we want the notebook product to be a strategic step in Samsung's profile".

Bows added: "Do you remember Jammy Dodger [biscuits]? It's the sweet spot in the middle, the lucrative area of the market that we want to achieve results. This is where we're aiming the SensPro range." In 1997, Samsung will extend the range to high-end notebooks.

"AST is a partner. It's our plant in Ireland and we'll be using their facilities, but [AST] has a totally different product line," insisted Ali Demin, computer and peripherals director at Samsung .

The Korean giant also revealed today it will bring out an LCD 14-inch monitor early next year.

Samsung can be contacted by telephone on 0181-391 0168.