Samsung and LG show off flexible displays

The companies have demonstrated futuristic prototypes of flexible display screens, which can curve and bend without breaking

Samsung and LG have demonstrated differing — although possibly complimentary — glimpses of the future of display technology at the Flat Panel Display International event in Chiba, Japan.

At the event, which ends on Friday, LG showed off a 19-inch e-paper display that can be flexed from side to side without distorting the text and images on the screen. Samsung demonstrated an OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen that can be curved and bent while still displaying a perfectly clear full-colour image.

Here is a short video clip from IDG that offers a glimpse of both technologies:

The LG e-paper displays are clearly aimed at low-cost, low-profile readers that will replace today's books and newspapers, and potentially even many business documents as well. Samsung's flexible OLED, meanwhile, is targeting next-generation multimedia and computing devices.

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