Samsung announces Q1P UMPC with HSDPA radio

It looks like Samsung will be offering buyers several choices when it comes to their UMPC lineup with a flash drive based model and now one with HSDPA high speed wireless radio. We should see these models out in time for the holiday buying season this year.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Kevin over at jkOnTheRun just posted an article that the next generation Samsung Q1 may have integrated HSDPA functionality. The IFA consumer electronics show is going on over in Berlin and PC Advisor posted the news on the Samsung Q1P. We have heard about the Samsung Q1-SSD with integrated flash drive instead of a hard drive and the Q1b with a Via processor and this model adds another flavor to the Samsung UMPC lineup. The Sony UX180P has EDGE connectivity with Cingular and now this model looks to up that ante a bit more.


Reportedly the Samsung Q1P will also use the Via processor and see battery life up to five hours. I am not sure I need HSDPA in the UMPC itself or just in my phone with the ability to tether it to my UMPC, but think this is a great option for those people wanting to stay connected for data and work everywhere. It should be launched in the 4th quarter of this year, but there were no pricing details or details on how exactly HSDPA will be integrated into the device. I imagine there will be a SIM card slot and hope it isn't locked to a single carrier, although people have been quick to unlock virtually any device with a SIM card so that isn't too much of a worry.

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