Samsung buys US medical imaging firm NeuroLogica

Samsung Electronics America, a subsidiary of Samsung, has acquired the computed tomography (CT) company to boost its medical imaging business.
Written by Kevin Kwang, Contributor on

Samsung Electronics America announced Monday it had acquired NeuroLogica, a manufacturer of portable computed tomography (CT) scanners, to broaden its medical imaging portfolio.

Samsung's Accuvix XG ultrasound machine is an example of how the South Korean company is making its presence felt in healthcare. (Credit: Samsung)

In a statement, the Samsung subsidiary said NeuroLogica is a leading CT company that produces scanners such as BodyTom and CereTom. The financial terms for the purchase of the U.S. company were not disclosed.

Adding NeuroLogica to the company is "another important step" in expanding Samsung's medical imaging business, it said. "Samsung will continue to strengthen its capabilities and product portfolio to establish itself as a trusted leader in the health and medical equipment industry," it added.

The company also reiterated its commitment to its 2020 vision to explore new avenues of growth in the healthcare business by enhancing medical imaging diagnosis, which would benefit both patients and doctors.

Samsung had passed on acquiring struggling Olympus' healthcare business last January. The latter dominates the gastro-intestinal endoscopes business globally, but the company said it would rather focus on doing what it does better.




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