Samsung denies it will take over HP's Windows PC business

Samsung officials are denying rumors that Samsung plans to take over HP's PC business. This comes as HP, the No. 1 vendor of Windows PCs, contemplates selling its PC business.

Well, I guess that settles that.

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In a short and sweet post to the official Samsung Global Electronics "Samsung Tomorrow" blog on August 24, unnamed Samsung officials said:

"The recent rumors that Samsung Electronics will be taking over Hewlett-Packard Co.'s personal computer business are not true.

"We hope this clarifies any confusion that may have occurred."

In March, rumors circulated that HP was about to sell its notebook business to Samsung.

HP officials have attempted to clarify their statements from last week by making it clear that HP has not yet decided (completely) to spin off its Personal Services Group business. Instead, they say, they are considering whether to sell it, spin it off as a standalone entity or keep it.

HP is the largest vendor of Windows PCs, outpacing Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus and Toshiba.

Samsung officials did not address in the above-mentioned post rumors that Samsung may be among those potentially interested in licensing HP's WebOS operating system.

(Thanks to ZDNet's Ed Bott for his tweet on Samsung's statement.)