Samsung Galaxy Note 5 premium price proves its value (Return date decision)

The Galaxy Note 5 is only the second phone I've purchased, and kept, this year. Samsung created a phone that sets the bar and excels in nearly every way possible.

I was very impressed by the design changes Samsung made in the Galaxy S6 Edge, but the T-Mobile version kept running out of battery in the early afternoon so I was forced to return it. I guess I wrote that return date decision feature one day too early.

Thankfully, Samsung addressed my battery issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and my 9.7/10 review rating remains valid as I pass my T-Mobile 20-day return period and the Note 5 earns a home in my pocket.

The last phone I purchased, and kept, was the Lumia 830 back in February, so it's significant that the Note 5 is good enough to earn a place in my collection. Given that there are plenty of solid sub-$450 smartphones available, it says a lot about the Note 5 when I'm willing to pay $780 for one.

I already provided my top nine reasons to consider the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 and have spent more time validating those reasons over the last three weeks. I've been making all my purchases using Samsung Pay, working in the office and on the road, capturing tons of photos, watching video content, and using the S Pen more than I ever have before on a Note device.

While I test lots of devices here on ZDNet, most are temporary loaners that get sent back to the manufacturers after I post my review. When a device is compelling, I purchase it for my own long-term usage. I've returned more than ever before this year, but that is never my intent as it is costly to me and the carrier to make the return.

Thus, I can't tell you how pleased I am that the Note 5 is truly nearly perfect for me and there is no justifiable reason to initiate a return. I am likely also going to buy a new iPhone 6S Plus this month, but that's primarily because Apple doesn't send out evaluation units and there is the slight possibility it could be returned because the Note 5 is that good.

One thing I have always loved about Samsung Note devices is the vast amount of functionality that has me discovering new features and appealing aspects on a daily basis. I'm currently diving into the various camera modes, including the Pro manual mode, and discovering new ways to capture the world around me.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an expensive device, but it's worth the price to me and I couldn't be any happier with a smartphone purchase.

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