Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge earns a place in my pocket (Return date decision)

After spending a couple of intense weeks with the Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9, Matthew finally made a decision on which one to keep. Don't worry, he may consider the new LG G4 too.


It's been a rather crazy couple of weeks with the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, both available in US wireless carrier stores starting today. I've loved and hated both of these devices after pre-ordering and testing both extensively and finally made my decision to keep just one.

My latest posts this week's listed five reasons to go with the HTC One M9 and five reasons to choose the Galaxy S6 Edge. To be honest, I initiated returns for both this week since neither is absolutely perfect for my needs.

In the end, I decided to keep the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which surprised me because I am a huge fan of what HTC does with its designs and Sense UI. It really came down to the innovation that Samsung provided (Samsung processor, curved glass edges, metal frame, fingerprint scanner) and the lack of attention to significantly improving on the M8 camera by HTC.

Samsung's camera is amazing and over the past couple of weeks I found that it even beat out the iPhone 6 Plus in photo quality, check out one of my Flickr galleries for full resolution images.

As a mobile phone enthusiast, I also like the vast number of options and settings available to me for capturing photos and video on the Android platform while Apple sticks with a very basic interface that appeals to the consumer market.

My major issue with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was battery life, but evidence in forums and my experiences show that poor battery performance may be a WiFi connection issue that can easily be fixed with software. I simply turned off WiFi Calling (T-Mobile), WiFi sleep mode connection, and VoLTE for now and am seeing acceptable battery performance.

The rapid charging and support for both wireless charging standards is fantastic. My MoTR podcast cohost and fellow ZDNet writer, Kevin Tofel keeps telling me that rapid charging is the way to go and after spending two weeks with the Galaxy S6 Edge and the included charger I am convinced it is an awesome technology.

I purchased a second charger for the office using the 50 percent discount you get when you register your Samsung Galaxy S6. The HTC One M9 also supports rapid charging, but HTC does not include a charger in the retail package.

Both are excellent choices, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge worked out to be a better device for me. Which new Android flagship did you pick up?

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