Samsung Gear S now lands with a fully-fledged Opera Mini browser

How? By using Opera Mini as a viable alternative to traditional browsers. Why? Because the Korean electronics giant can. Who will use it? Probably very few.

Image: CNET/CBS Interactive

You can admire the company's efforts, but not everything can be (or is) suited for the smaller display.

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Korean electronics giant Samsung's flagship wearable, the Gear S, now lands with a fully-fledged Web browser.

In prepared comments on Tuesday, the company said the Tizen-powered smart watch will include Opera Mini, a well-known alternative browser, famed for offering data compression technology to reduce the amount of data required to open pages.

The browser may have a fraction of the wider browser market share, but it's popular among users in areas where cell service and data coverage is limited. The browser can shrink web pages down to as little as 10 percent, resulting in faster and efficient browsing.

But it's not just shrinking down data. It's also shrinking down the actual pages to the nano-display.

The watch's new browser is now optimized with a large Speed Dial feature, allowing users to open up websites with a tap. Private browsing is also included as standard.

Samsung said users of the Gear S will have a "full" experience — even if web pages are crammed into a 2-inch display.