Samsung has a golden Galaxy S4, but it's no copy of Apple's champagne iPhone 5s

Samsung has been accused of slavishly copying Apple, but the golden Galaxy S4 predates Apple's own gilded device.

Samsung is promoting a 'Gold Edition' Galaxy S4 with, as the name suggests, a golden backplate.

The company posted a picture of the device on its SamsungMobileArabia Twitter account yesterday, which some have pointed out is a fortnight after Apple launched its champagne coloured iPhone 5s — perhaps suggesting Samsung has a "me too" device on its hands. 

The Gold Edition Samsung Galaxy S4
Image: Samsung

But Samsung's golden Galaxy S4 is not a response to Apple's iPhone. Samsung launched the Gold Edition in the United Arab Emirates on 27 August, a Samsung spokesperson told ZDNet.

The device was developed especially for well-heeled consumers in Middle Eastern market, who can also buy a golden BlackBerry Q10 for 3,439.00 AED ($932). 

According to the spokesperson, Samsung has launched the Gold Edition in other other countries and will continue to expand its availability in the region.

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