​Samsung hopes Galaxy S7 pressure-sensitive display spurs upgrades

Samsung's plans for its Galaxy S7 launch are starting to leak. It remains to be seen if incremental upgrades spur a buying cycle.

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Samsung is planning to roll out the Galaxy S7 in March with a pressure-sensitive display, high-speed charging port and a memory slot, but it's unclear whether incremental changes will bring back the glory days of the smartphone upgrade cycle.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung will:

  • Add a responsive display to match Apple's iPhone 6s;
  • Potentially add a retina scanner;
  • Feature a USB Type-C port that will offer a full-day charge in 30 minutes;
  • And likely include an external memory card slot.

Of those additions, the last one may be the one that will win back Galaxy customers who were griping about the removal of the SD memory card slot in the Galaxy S6 line.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 launch will be important to the company, which is changing leadership and needs its device unit to fare well.

The reality for smartphone buyers is that most of them are entrenched. While many Android customers hop to Apple, you can bet that plenty of Samsung owners stick around. In addition, smartphones are in the age of the incremental. With that lens, Samsung is doing what it needs to, but the Galaxy S7 is likely to be very similar to the Galaxy S6.

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