​Samsung Knox surpasses 4 million users

Samsung has announced that over the last two years its Knox solution has been gaining momentum within the enterprise security market.

Samsung has revealed that since launching two years ago, its Knox solution has been adopted by 4 million users.

Young-Jip Kim, Samsung's vice president of B2B development team, IT and mobile communications business, wrote in a blog post the rate of the adoption of Knox has been gaining momentum within the enterprise solution market.

The latest numbers are up from May last year when the company touted it had 1.8 million active Knox users. At the time, Samsung senior vice president Injong Rhee, the head of Knox development, said Knox was integrated with 24 Samsung smartphone models and that there were more than 87 million Knox-enabled devices in the world.

With Knox, Samsung has been given clearance by a handful of regulated industries such as gaining support from the UK government for public sector use, and the US government for classified use.

The first version of Knox was launched in 2013 with the Galaxy S4 as part of the company's efforts to address Android security flaws that hampered its entry into the enterprise smartphone market. Much similar to Blackberry's Balance feature, Knox gives users the opportunity to divide their work and personal usage on the one device.

Knox was updated to Knox 2.0 in May last year as part of the worldwide Galaxy S5 launch, which saw the addition of a new Knox store for enterprise apps.

Earlier this year, Samsung and Blackberry announced that they were going to integrate Samsung's Knox container and security platform with WorkLife by Blackberry and SecuSuite. The announcement followed a history between the two smartphone manufacturers which previously saw them partnered on other Knox integration programs.