Samsung launches enterprise services

Samsung will offer support for corporate and employee owned devices as well as various implementation services.

Samsung said Monday at CES 2014 that it'll launch a suite of enterprise services designed to get its devices and software into more corporations.

samsung mobile care

The Korean electronics giant has made a big push into the enterprise with technologies such as Knox and SAFE, but needs more throughput to ride the bring your own device movement and usurp struggling but entrenched rivals like BlackBerry. Samsung's enterprise efforts may be stepped up as the company looks to counter worries about slowing growth for its core smartphone and tablet franchises.

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Samsung Enterprise Services, a partnership with Digital Management Inc. (DMI), offers needs assessment, device configuration and migration and deployment services. Samsung will also add Samsung Mobile Care for Enterprise, which will provide dedicated business support.

The key thread for the company's mobile care service is that it'll maintain, support and manage Samsung devices that are both corporate and employee owned.

In addition, Samsung said it will partner with OtterBox to supply accessories for enterprise customers.