​Samsung launches super-fast 256GB UFS Card

Pack your smartphone full of memory: Samsung's 256GB Universal Flash Storage (UFS) card boasts a reading speed five times that of a conventional MicroSD card and the highest capacity for an external memory card.

Samsung has launched a 256GB Universal Flash Storage (UFS) card with a reading speed five times that of a conventional MicroSD Card.

The card has the highest capacity in the market for an external memory card and has a reading speed of 530MBps, equivalent to that of a 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD), the South Korean tech giant said.



The world's largest memory chip maker said the latest card can read a Full HD video (5GB) in 10 seconds. It will help those recording through 3D Virtual Reality (VR) cameras, action cams, DSLR, and drones.

Writing speed is 170MBps, two times that of conventional MicroSD cards, allowing a DSLR camera to save 24 pictures (around 1,120MB) within six seconds as opposed to 32 seconds.

It follows the production of the 256GB UFS as internal memory aimed at smartphones, announced in February. Samsung first launched an embedded UFS with 128GB capacity in January last year.

The new card also comes in 128GB, 64MB, and 32GB models, which will be launched at a later date.

Samsung was an active member in setting the JEDEC standard UFS 2.0 in September 2013 as well as UFS Card 1.0 in March this year.