Samsung launches wireless access points with built-in security

Samsung Electronics has launched access points (AP) for wireless LAN with built-in security that will help businesses save costs in building networks, reports ZDNet Korea’s Cho Mu-hyun.

The Samsung Smart WLAN Security AP has a built-in sensor with its own security algorithm that prevent wireless hacking and unauthorized tethering five times faster than its predecessors in the market, the company said. It supports the latest 802.11ac wireless standard.

Samsung Smart WLAN Security access points

Most APs in the market require clients to purchase additional compatible equipment for security and installation of solutions.

“Ours is an all-in-one that takes up less space, and can save enterprises a lot of money in building networks,” a Samsung spokesman told ZDNet Korea. “Using our APs will alleviate the burden of enterprises that are facing higher costs in keeping their networks secure.”

“We estimate that using our APs will help businesses save up to 50 percent in building wireless networks for their offices,” he said.

The Korean tech giant said the global network security market has been growing 10 percent annually for the past three years as the wide dissemination of smartphones has put personal and enterprise data at an increased risk against hacking.

The AP can detect unauthorized invasions within 10 seconds and block access within 30, using its feature called 'Fast Secu' (it sounds better in Korean!), the company said.

Samsung said the APs will be used at the upcoming 2014 ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Plenipotentiary Conference to be held at Korea’s southern city of Busan on October, where around 3,000 dignitaries from 190 countries are expected to participate.

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