Samsung looks to enterprise and mobile healthcare for growth

Mobile healthcare and B2B are two crucial areas that will fuel Samsung's future growth, the company says.

According to Samsung's third-quarter corporate disclosure filed to the Korea Exchange, the world's largest electronics company by revenue says it intends to continue investments in mobile healthcare and B2B areas, as it believes there will be continued growth in the sector.

Samsung also expressed the current difficulty of its IT and mobile business due to tight price competition, and vowed to overcome the difficulty by focusing on "strategic products" going forward.

The company recently handed its first place in handset sales in China to local maker Xiaomi for the second and third quarters. In response, Samsung promised price-competitive and innovative products to sustain growth.

"We'll be a company that provides numerous values to customers based on our best research and development infrastructure," Samsung said in the report. "We'll continue on with our investments on mobile healthcare and B2B sector."

Samsung has already formed alliances with 24 companies, including sportswear giant Nike and US-based healthcare company Aetna in deals clinched earlier this month. At its developer conference in San Francisco, Samsung revealed Digital Health Platform, which can give coaching advice to users by collecting users' health data.

Also in the report, Samsung said it is planning to launch a new smartphone with a larger screen than the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 4.

"We are expecting larger-screen smartphones and expansion of wearable devices," Samsung said.