Samsung makes Apple's Geniuses look like halfwits

The Korean handset maker returns to mercilessly mock Apple, and specifically the iPhone X's download speeds, in a new ad. It just can't resist.


Every time you fear that Samsung will try and sell one of its phones only on its own merits, the Korean company refuses to let you down.

It lurches right in and mercilessly mocks Apple all over again.

Some might wonder why it still bothers. After all, at the end of last year, it insisted that the whole 10 years of iPhone development were but a single exercise in incompetence.

Could that have been the end of it?

Yet here's a new ad in which Samsung wants you to think that Apple's Geniuses really aren't very bright at all.

I didn't know this, but apparently Apple's Geniuses ride around on skateboards -- or merely on thin air.

At least that's what this ad portrays.

A customer called Rose asks our floating Genius whether the iPhone X's download speeds are the fastest possible.

The Genius replies that they're faster than the iPhone 8's.

This is a perfectly reasonable response, as Apple generally doesn't like to acknowledge the existence of other phones, unless it's in a San Jose court and the judge is Lucy Koh.

Still, Rose persists in querying whether, in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has faster download speeds.

Our Genius umms, aaahhs and makes colonoscopic faces.

"But I thought it was the smartphone of the future," says Rose, mocking the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook on iPhone X launch day, as well as the grimacing of the Genius.

Well, it's certainly the smartphone of Apple's future, you might sniff. Unless, that is, Apple takes it off the market, as some rumormongers insist it will do.

Samsung has, once or twice, managed to make Apple look very silly indeed.

My problem here, though, is Rose herself.

She seems to have gone out of her way to wander into an Apple store, possibly even making an appointment, purely in order to make an Apple Genius look like a halfwit.

Why would she do that? After all, she already knew the answer to her question.

Unless, of course, Samsung put her up to it.