Samsung moving up on Nokia as Apple passes LG for 3rd place in global phone share

Samsung cut Nokia's worldwide lead from 10% to just 4% in 2011 and Apple passed up LG. 2012 will likely see continued rise of Samsung and Apple in the global phone market.

I wrote about Nokia's continued feature phone focus a couple of days ago and today we see that the IDC 4th quarter 2011 report confirms Nokia is still the worldwide leader in mobile phone shipments and market share. Samsung closed the gap with Nokia from 10% to just 4% though and we may soon see them take the lead. Apple moved up, actually doubled their market share in a year, and passed up LG in 2011.

These figures obviously include all mobile phones, including feature phones where Nokia is shipping its greatest volumes, so the data is actually a bit shocking when you look at Apple's continued rise. Apple only makes iPhone devices and is still able to garner 3rd place in global phone shipments.

Samsung is HOT right now with Windows Phone, Android, Bada and feature phone devices flooding the market and this diversity is why I think they will pass up Nokia in 2012. I am LOVING my Galaxy Nexus from Samsung and think it is the best Android device currently available for a number of reasons.


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