Samsung overtakes Apple in worldwide mobile internet use

Apple might dominate Samsung in the US and UK markets, but globally, the US technology company has just lost its lead to its South Korean rival.

Samsung has taken the lead as the number one brand of mobile handset used to connect to the internet for the first time, according to StatCounter's Internet Wars Report (PDF).

Global internet use on mobile handsets.(Screenshot by Michael Lee/ZDNet)

In July 2012, Nokia held the global market lead, with 28.05 percent of internet usage, followed by Apple, with 25.43 percent, and Samsung, at 19.46 percent. But in June 2013, Nokia's share dropped to 21.96 percent and Apple's dropped to 25.09 percent.

This has left Samsung, whose market share has only been increasing the entire year, to take the top spot, with 25.47 percent.

BlackBerry, on the other hand, has seen a steady decrease in its market share, dropping from 5 percent to just 3.62 percent.

Looking at just the US, however, Apple is still the leader, with 54.85 percent versus Samsung's 12.65 percent.

In the UK, Apple is again leading, with 47.97 percent, as opposed to Samsung in second place, with 20.45 percent.