Samsung Pay adds gift card support with 50 merchants available at launch

Samsung Pay is the most accepted wireless payment system in the US and the addition of gift card support makes it an even more useful service.

(Image: Samsung)

I've been using Samsung Pay since the early beta testing period and continue to be impressed by its capability to be used just about everywhere. Yesterday I received an update on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and discovered that gift cards are now supported along with wireless payments.

Matthew Miller

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As you can see on this Samsung support site there are 50 merchants already onboard and offering gift card support. You can store your existing cards, use them with your Samsung phone at the merchant, and even buy gift cards to give to others.

I receive gift cards for my birthday and holidays, but they often sit on my desk unless I remember to grab it for a specific visit. I hate carrying a fat wallet and only carry my ID, a $20 bill, and my debit card in a small flat wallet.

Samsung Pay is helping me continue to lighten my wallet and I look forward to using the gift card option. Our family enjoys the movies so I am pleased to see Regal is a supported vendor. A new Bass Pro Shops opened up close to my house and now that I'm fly fishing I expect to use gift cards there as well.

The only issue I have with Samsung Pay at the moment is that my bank, USAA, does not yet have its debit card working with Samsung Pay. USAA doesn't even yet support Android Pay with its debit card. Once USAA can get its debit card working with Samsung Pay I will only need to carry my driver's license. Maybe that's next on Samsung's list of cards.