Samsung reorganises software and B2B into mobile division

As part of its annual reshuffle, Samsung has consolidated, streamlined, and outright disbanded some of its divisions.

Samsung Electronics has disbanded its Media Solution Center (MSC) in South Korea, while its global B2B centre has now been integrated to its mobile division.

Media Solution Center America (MSCA), located in Silicon Valley and under the supervision of Samsung Electronics America, will remain intact, the company said in the third and final round of its annual reshuffle announcement.

Samsung will also retain its current triumvirate of dividing the company into Consumer Electronics (CE), IT & Mobile Communications (IM), and Device Solutions (DS) divisions, each with its own co-CEO.

Portions of MSC, Samsung's software and content making division related to mobile products, will be absorbed into the mobile division. Remaining portions, such as the Big Data Center, were integrated into other related organisations, including its Software Center. MSCA, however, will continue "developing highly competitive services", the company said.

The global B2B centre's sales operations are to be integrated into the mobile division, with its strategy functions to be absorbed by the global marketing office. Samsung said the move was to put in focus its expansion into the mobile B2B market.

Kim Seok-pil, executive vice president and previous head of global B2B centre and global marketing office, will now head the strategic marketing office under the mobile division, a position held by outgoing president DJ Lee. Executive vice president Koh Dong-jin will now head the R&D team at the mobile division.

In the US, Samsung Electronics America (SEA) and Samsung Telecommunications America (STA) have been merged into one entity to increase efficiency by merging overlapping functions, and will be headquartered in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, the current base of SEA.

Two regional headquarters out of 10 will now have new presidents. Executive vice president Eon Young-hoon, previously the head of the sales and marketing team at the digital appliances business, is now the president of the European regional headquarters. Senior vice president Hong Hyun-chil, previously the president of Samsung Electronics Latin America, a sales subsidiary, is now the president of the Southwest Asia Regional Headquarters.

Only minor changes on the IM division were announced, in line with Samsung's decision to retain JK Shin as the division's head and co-CEO last week.

The DS division saw minimal change, largely thanks to its solid performance this year. Samsung vowed that its System LSI Business, its contract chip and processor making division, will focus on revitalising its business operations next year.