Samsung reportedly looking for partners to put healthcare tech into wearables

Korean mobile device maker is said to be keen to partner SAP and Microsoft to expand the deployment of healthcare services in wearable devices.

Samsung is reportedly exploring potential partnerships with SAP and Microsoft to expand the deployment of healthcare technology in wearable devices. 

The Korean consumer electronics giant is keen to tap SAP's HANA-powered big data analytics tool, Care Circles, for its own wearable devices , reported Korea Times, citing a source close to the deal. The German software vendor's application allows doctors to remotely monitor and guide their patients. 

"For example, Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices could be used as the channel for high-school students and consumers to track health-related data, analyzing details using SAP's Care Circles platform," said the source. 

The Korean company is also exploring partnership potential with Microsoft, although the source did not elaborate on what form this alliance would take since the U.S. vendor recently unveiled its own fitness band .

Samsung is targeting to churn 10 trillion won (US$9.2 billion) in revenue from healthcare by 2020 and is focused on building an ecosystem in healthcare-related devices and services, according to the report.

In March, it launched a Tizen Software Developer Kit for wearables , designed to make it easier for developers to create apps for smartwatches.