Samsung SDI admits price fixing on display tubes

The company's display business unit has pled guilty to charges that it fixed prices on colour display tubes, found in computer monitors, according to the US Department of Justice

Samsung's display business unit has pled guilty to price-fixing charges and will pay a fine of $32m, according to the US Department of Justice.

In a statement on Friday, the Department of Justice reported that Samsung SDI admitted to conspiring with others to fix prices on colour display tubes (CDTs), a type of cathode ray tube found in computer monitors and other applications, and agreed to pay the $32m (£19.5m) fine.

The US court said Samsung and its co-conspirators suppressed and eliminated competition by "by fixing prices, reducing output and allocating market shares of CDTs to be sold in the United States and elsewhere". Its list of accused included employees from companies such as Taiwan's Chunghwa Picture Tubes.

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