Samsung, Sectra partner to secure government mobile devices

The companies are working on a next-generation smartphone with security strong enough for government users.

Samsung and Sectra have entered a partnership to develop next-generation mobile devices suitable for European governments.

Announced on Tuesday, the electronics giant and secure mobile solutions firm said they have entered into a "technical" partnership to integrate the Samsung Knox platform into Sectra's secure smartphone communication solutions.

As part of the partnership, an unnamed European defense organization has become a customer to test out the first delivery of next-generation smartphones complete with security improvements.

The Samsung Knox platform, available on select Samsung handsets, creates an additional 'layer' on a mobile device to better separate work and play. To improve security, only certain authorized and vetted apps can be used in Knox mode, and a number of camera functions are also disabled. The Knox area of your phone is password protected.

Combined with Sectra's Tiger/R secure platform, which is designed for use at the Restricted classification level to securely communicate classified information across mobile networks, it is hoped the companies will lure more enterprise and government customers who wish to protect their data to the fold.

The firms say that Sectra's technology and hardware-based encryption improves communication security, while Samsung Knox improves the integrity of devices -- reducing the risk of malicious exploit or tampering.

Björn Hansen, Sales Director Telecom at Samsung Electronics commented:

"Sectra is one of the pioneers in mobile voice encryption, with 20 years' experience of mastering mobile secure communication systems.

Through close cooperation between the development teams behind Samsung KNOX and Sectra Tiger/R, we are making the technology available to users who were not previously able to benefit from it."

In related news, on Tuesday Samsung announced the availability of its new 950 Pro solid-state drive (SSD). From next month, users will be able to pick up the M.2 form factor drive, which has a read performance of 2,500Mbps and a write performance of 1,500Mbps.

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