Samsung sells 2 million Galaxy Tabs in 3 months

Samsung has reported selling 2 million Galaxy Tabs in just 3 months, proving both the 7-inch form factor and the Android platform are good for tablets.

When talk turns to Android tablets, a common thread inevitably crops up that they are not as good as the iPad nor are they selling well. Samsung begs to differ, having sold two million Galaxy Tabs in just three months. The tablet sales have been distributed among Europe, North America and Asia, showing global demand for the 7-inch Android tablet.

Apple has outsold the Galaxy Tab by anyone's standards (7 million over the same time period), but for a tablet that came out of nowhere Samsung has done better than expected. The common lament (even by Google) that Android 2.2 (Froyo) that runs the Tab is not good enough for tablets, is debunked by the two million folks who gave the Galaxy Tab a good try. Yes it's essentially a large Android phone, but that's the strength of the device.

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