Samsung sells more Note 8 devices in the US than any previous Note

Samsung didn't provide any numbers to compare with this claim, but reviews confirm the Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best available.

60 seconds with Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 (Video)

60 seconds with Samsung's Galaxy Note 8

It appears that the Note 7 fiasco has been wiped from the minds of Note fans.

Following the news that Samsung received nearly 400,000 orders for the Note 8 in South Korea, Samsung Mobile US posted that more people have purchased the Note 8 than any previous Samsung Note device during the same time period.

I've had an evaluation Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for more than a week and my own T-Mobile Note 8 is currently out for delivery today. This T-Mobile delivery comes a week before originally promised, and I have seen many other US carrier pre-orders arriving at homes across the US.

The Note 8 has earned nearly universal praise (check out ZDNet's Jason Cipriani's full review), and it earned the top spot in my current 10 best smartphones list.

Samsung did not provide any figures on Note 8 sales, so maybe it only sold one more than the last Note. The Note base is more limited than the broader mass audience who purchase the iPhone or Galaxy S series, but it's also usually the enterprise crowd or those looking to do everything with their smartphone. I have personally seen a surprising number of friends use a Note that I would never have thought of as Note users and am already getting several inquiries about the Note 8.