Samsung sold over 10 million Galaxy S smartphones in 7 months

Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone line is extremely popular due to the large brilliant Super AMOLED display, fast processor, and slick user interface. They have now sold over 10 million units.

I bought a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant, a Galaxy S device, back in July, but honestly I wasn't impressed enough with it to keep it for longer than 2 weeks. It seems that 10 million people are happy with the device though as Samsung achieved this sales goal in just 7 months. North Americans bought over 4 million Galaxy S devices with Europeans buying about 2.5 million, those in South Korea buying over 2 million, and the rest in other areas of the world.

10 million Android smartphones in one line is very impressive and such popularity is likely why Google went with Samsung for its second developer phone, the Nexus S. It helps that you can find a Galaxy S on every major US wireless carrier so you can get one without worrying about changing your preferred carrier.

Are you one of the 10 million and if so, why do you like your Galaxy S device?