Samsung targets enterprise market with Galaxy Tab

The company has said it plans to make its Galaxy devices more enterprise friendly, in a bid to take on Apple's iPad and RIM's PlayBook in the corporate sector
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Samsung has said it plans to expand efforts to make its Galaxy devices — including smartphones and tablets — more enterprise friendly, with a view to helping the Android operating system find more traction in corporations.

The company said it will highlight its plans to deliver more enterprise-friendly services at the CTIA show this week. Samsung added that it will provide educational tools, IT support services, enhanced security, reference guides for the healthcare industry and app platforms.

Samsung's move comes as a bevy of players aim to bring tablets to companies. The early business success of Apple's iPad has spurred Research in Motion to launch the PlayBook. Samsung's Galaxy Tab, however, can be a fast follower in the enterprise race since the product is ready for release.

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