Samsung throws curve with $429.99 S27D590C computer monitor

The company says its 27-inch curved LCD display provides a more immersive viewing experience for PC gaming and video streaming.


Say what you will about Samsung, it isn't having trouble with the curve. (Laptop sales in Europe are a different story .) It's bought into the curved screen trend in a big way, unstraightening everything from smartphone displays to HDTVs. So it's hardly a surprise that the electronics giant is preparing to bring that curvy aesthetic to the PC monitor market.

With the S27D590C, Samsung is delivering a 27-inch monitor that it claims will provide a more immersive viewing experience, thanks to it being similarly shaped to the human eye. Gamers will be the most likely to put that claim to the test, which is exactly why Dell is also readying a 34-inch curved monitor of its own . Fraggers will also appreciate the game mode on Samsung's display, which is designed to dynamically correct blurry images and adjust colors and contrast. 

In addition to more screen real estate, Dell's forthcoming UltraSharp U3415W has the S27D590C beat in everything from resolution (3,440x1,440 compared to 1,920x1,080) to built-in speakers (9 watts to 5 watts). But it's a good guess that it will also have the Samsung beat in terms of a higher price. (The same could be said for LG's own expected 34-inch curved PC monitor.) While its $429.99 price tag is hardly cheap for a 27-inch display, the Samsung should be far cheaper than its bigger competition.

Along with the probable lower price tag, the S27D590C should reach curious consumers first. While there's no official release date for either Dell or LG's curved monitors, Samsung plans to have its display go on sale starting October 1. Do you think a curved screen will make a difference when it comes to your PC viewing experience? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.