Samsung Tizen-based smartphones could contend for 3rd place behind Android and iOS

Samsung's Bada devices were sitting at fourth at the end of Q3 2012 so it isn't that unrealistic to think that a more modern Tizen-based lineup could achieve that position or higher in the next year or two.

Samsung stated they will be releasing competitive Tizen-based devices in 2013 and at first I just shrugged off the statement. I then saw some excitement regarding Canonical's Ubuntu smartphone announcement and started looking into the Samsung Linux-based plan a bit more. While I have never personally tried out a Samsung Bada phone, if you look at the last Gartner figures that compare smartphone operating systems you can see that Bada was in fourth behind RIM at the end of Q3 2012. With Microsoft struggling to increase its share, Symbian going away, and RIM launching a new OS soon it seems to me that Samsung has the possibility of getting Tizen-based smartphones into 3rd or 4th place in the worldwide smartphone market.

A benefit of Tizen for Samsung is that the OS supports multiple device types so they could roll out a consistent user experience on phones, tablets, and their Smart TVs. I understand that Tizen 2.0 may be released this month so it sounds reasonable that devices will follow shortly after. Samsung is doing extremely well with Android, something like 46% of the Android market share, and devices like the Galaxy S III and Note II are selling by the millions. Samsung will likely continue to do well with Android and given their current dominance I am sure they are not dropping Android, but may be looking at Tizen as something they have even more control over. There are also the pesky Apple lawsuits to deal with that they may be able to get away from with a focus on Tizen.