Samsung update fixes biggest complaint about new Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is issuing a software update to address the Galaxy S7 edge's oversensitive touch display.


The Samsung S7 edge's oversensitive screen has caused apps to open accidentally and created problems for its camera.

Image: Samsung

An update due this week for Samsung's flagship edge handsets should fix the Galaxy S7 edge's problematic palm-rejection feature.


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Amid otherwise glowing reviews for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, complaints surfaced several weeks ago about the edge's display being too sensitive to touch around the curved edges, causing apps to open accidentally and stopping the camera from functioning properly.

As Android Police noted three weeks ago, the issue appeared to affect US and European devices and became apparent when activating the camera and holding the phone in landscape mode.

Because the display wasn't rejecting unintended touches at the edge, users were unable to take a snap. The issue also surfaced when holding the device with one hand and using the keyboard, which inevitably involves touching the edge.

The only workaround for affected devices was to avoid touching the edge display, which is both impractical and difficult given the frequency that many users interact with their phones.

But relief may be on the way. Samsung-focused site SamMobile reports that a new 156MB update rolling out now in Europe offers a marked improvement on the Galaxy S7 edge's palm rejection.

Samsung's release notes only mention the update brings "improved stability" to touch.

The update also introduces a new camera feature for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge dubbed 'shape correction', which can automatically correct skewed or distorted photos. After installing the update, the feature will appear in Camera Settings where it can be toggled on.

While the update should address an annoying glitch, Samsung has yet to release two months' worth of security updates that Google has fixed in Android for Nexus devices.

The latest security update Samsung released brought select Galaxy devices up to the February Android patch level.

Google's April set of fixes addressed some 39 newly-discovered security bugs, 15 of which are critical, including more bugs in the Stagefright library, as well as the troublesome Mediaserver component.

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