Samsung woos iPhone owners with one-month, $1 Galaxy trial

It's a smart move by Samsung: Even if few iPhone owners actually make the switch, the company will get valuable feedback through a pair of required surveys.

Samsung is making it easy for current iPhone owners to check out the new Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 handsets. CNET says the company now offers a 30-day trial of these phones if you have an iPhone and don't mind spending $1 for the test run.

To take the "Samsung Ultimate Test Drive" you'll have to register online using an iPhone though this site. There, you choose your network provider and which of the three handsets you'd like to borrow.

Once your 30 day test is up, you simply send the handset back to Samsung using the included shipping label. Any damages to the handset will set you back at least $100.

I poked through the terms and conditions and found a few other requirements though.

Be prepared to fill out a pair of surveys; one before you get your Samsung handset and one after. That's smart on Samsung's part: It can gather useful feedback from iPhone users about the latest Galaxy phones and find out more about iOS device owners.

I also decided to give the test drive a try but hit a dead end.

Using my iPhone 6, I went to the promotional site. The first thing you do is choose your network provider since the Galaxy handset will arrive with a pre-activated SIM card for testing. I chose AT&T and the proceeded to pick which of the three phones I wanted to try.

Unfortunately, none of them were currently available with an AT&T SIM card.


I then chose T-Mobile and was able to proceed but that's not ideal. I'd rather test out a Galaxy phone with my own SIM card so that I can simply use it like my own, complete with my phone number. As a result, I may wait to see if and when inventory is replenished or expanded.

Regardless, the test drive program is a smart move on Samsung's part.

Those who currently use Android -- on a Samsung device or another brand -- already have a solid idea of the experience. Apple iPhone owners may not. And they won't like know about Samsung's own apps or how its S-Pen and supporting software can be very useful.

It's not likely that Samsung will get a massive number of switchers from the program, but it may get some. And it will get important feedback from iPhone owners that could shape future Galaxy products.