Samsung's Galaxy S II greeted with enthusiasm, massive pre-orders

At 3 million, Samsung's Galaxy S II pre-orders are out of this world.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

Samsung's Galaxy S II won't reach stores in the U.S. until much later this year, but if the device's pre-orders are any indication, Samsung already has a hit on its hands.

The company reports that by the end of April, it had received three million pre-orders for the device. This is in spite of the fact that Samsung has yet to open an official pre-order program in countries like the United States.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S II in February at CES. Running Android 2.3, the Galaxy S II is trumpeted as the word's thinnest smartphone.

Released last month in South Korea, the Galaxy S II did well in Samsung' home country, with sales topping 120,000 in the first three days. When the phone finally does go global it will reach 120 countries on over 140 mobile operators. Samsung expects global sales for the device to top 10 million, and at this rate, so do we

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