Samsung's Galaxy S II is its fastest-selling phone - but you still can't buy one

Samsung's Galaxy S II may be the company's fastest-selling device, but that doesn't mean you can get your hands on one.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

Samsung's slim Galaxy S II has clearly been a triumph. Samsung says it has shipped 3 million of the phones since the S II's May release, making the phone its fastest-selling device ever.

Little of that is a surprise, of course. Even in the U.S., where the phone has yet to arrive (or even land an official release date), the Galaxy S II has been pretty successful. By the end of April, Samsung said that it had amassed over three million pre orders for the phone.

But when will US consumers get their hands on one? That important little detail hasn't been dropped, though there was speculation in June that Verizon was planning to launch the phone later this month. That "speculation", however, was mostly due to a misstatement, so we know about as much about the S II's U.S. release date as we always have - next to nothing .

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