Samsung's seventh smartwatch, round Gear S2, to be revealed at IFA

Samsung is finally launching its first smartwatch of 2015. It will be round and be revealed in a couple of weeks at IFA.

(Image: CNET)

Samsung launched it's first Galaxy Gear smartwatch in 2013 and at today's Samsung Unpacked event they post a couple photos of the Gear S2 that will be fully revealed at IFA in early September.

Samsung has released seven smartwatches since 2013, but has yet to launch one in 2015. Now that the Apple Watch has been out since April, it's time for Samsung to offer up its competitor. The Gear S2 will be

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Most of the previous Samsung models had rectangular faces, as does the Apple Watch. The round-faced smartwatches more closely mimic traditional watches and I personally find them more interesting. One thing we know for sure about the Gear S2 is that it will have a round face.

We have seen the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Live, Gear Fit, and Gear S. Most ran the Tizen OS, which also required a compatible Samsung smartphone. The big unknown regarding the Gear S2 is what operating system will power it.

(Image: CNET)

Android Wear has come a long ways over the last couple of years and as ZDNet's Kevin Tofel recently wrote there are some compelling features in this platform. Tizen limits the market to Samsung smartphone owners, but that is also the majority of Android owners.

Given that there are compelling lower priced Android smartphones flooding the market, I would think Samsung would want to sell as many smartwatches as possible so I am hoping to see it run Android Wear.