SanDisk offers enterprise flash drives up to 800GB

The storage maker has introduced flash drives with capacities of up to 800GB, for use in cloud computing and enterprise IT
Written by Rachel King, Contributor on

SanDisk introduced new enterprise-grade flash storage options on Monday with a maximum capacity offering of 800GB.

SanDisk flash drive

SanDisk has introduced new enterprise-grade flash storage options with a maximum capacity of 800GB. Photo credit: SanDisk

Designed especially for cloud and enterprise IT, SanDisk's new solid-state drive (SSD) set for its Lightning series consists of three single-level flash drives with storage capacities of up to 100GB, 200GB and 400GB; and three multi-level cell flash drives with maximum capacities of 200GB, 400GB and 800GB.

Each of these 2.5-inch Lightning 6GB SAS drives sport a feature called Write Through Logging technology, which is intended to deliver improved and higher performance rates at lower queue depths without the need for a back-up battery.

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