Sandvox for Mac by Karelia

Powerful, but easy-to-use, Website designer
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

As the year winds down, I've been focused on updating the Kusnetzky Group website.  I had to find a new, powerful, but easy-to-use tool that works on Mac OS. The tool I was using to maintain my site ran on my Dell Lattitude (see The old coffee-in-the-keyboard trick for the beginning of a 14-day string of posts about the life of this machine) and that machine was donated to a worthy cause when my former employer, The 451 GroupThe 451 Group, provided a slick MacBook Pro.

Although I'm somewhat Web-savvy, I wouldn't claim to be an SEO expert nor do I have the time to invest in powerful, but complex, Web development environments.

I needed a way to:

  • Reuse as much content as possible
  • Be able to develop using a point, click and drag methodology.
  • Be able to easily maintain a list of published research and present a rolling "Analyst's Take" section.

After looking around a bit, I eventually settled on Sandvox® for Mac OS X by Karelia. I must admit to sitting down with the product and putting to work immediately without reading a manual.

I hope to talk to the CEO, Dan Wood, about this product in the future

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