São Paulo invests $4.3m in Microsoft crime fight system

The surveillance platform analyzes real-time crime data and was previously implemented in New York City

The state of São Paulo is investing R$9.7m ($4.3m) in the joint development of a crime data aggregation and analysis platform with Microsoft.

Detecta is a crime monitoring system that indexes large amounts of police information and creates automatic associations between the data, allowing police officers to tap into live video camera feeds, emergency calls, mapped crime statistics, and license plate readers to fight crime.

Officers are able to access the system through desktop and mobile devices across the center of military police operations, the center for civil police communications and operations and the public security intelligence body of the state of São Paulo.

The technology behind Detecta has been in place in New York City for counter-terrorism purposes and surveillance since 2012. This is the first time that the tool will be used outside of New York City.

The Data Processing Company of São Paulo, Prodesp, will manage the servers that will host the platform. According to Microsoft, the first results of the deployment are expected to be seen four months after its implementation.

In the first three months, the technology company will work on the adaptation of the system to Brazilian standards and training for the system’s first users, as well as the actual implementation. In the fourth month, alerts of 10,000 patterns of crimes that have been identified in New York City will be adapted to the needs of the São Paulo police.

During the remainder of the ten-month contract, Microsoft will then be responsible for developing new alerts and best practices for the the system following the initial implementation experiences in São Paulo.

"This system will allow a leap in the quality of the police investigation and also prevention and patrols," said Fernando Grella Vieira, São Paulo's Secretary of Public Security, adding that there is scope for a nationwide roll-out of the system with integration with other states.