SAP aims for rapid deployments with online tools

Simple online tools are designed to make deployments faster by letting firms specify software before SAP provides it as in fully-assembled packages.

SAP says a new set of online tools will speed up deployments by allowing companies to design systems collaboratively before the ERP giant supplies them as complete packages.

The finished packages can be deployed on-premise by the user company or hosted temporarily in the cloud before they go live, according to the software company .

SAP's online tools are designed to meet concerns about the time, costs and uncertainties involved in implementing new technology, Bernd Welz, SAP senior vice president and global head, solution and knowledge packaging, said in a statement

"An assembled-to-order IT stack that is proven provides a solid foundation to jump-start the fine-tuning, integration and data migration process,” he said.

Companies start by looking through a menu on the SAP Solution Explorer site to weigh up features and deployment options, before choosing individual components.

They can use the online tools to evaluate various features against their needs. For each option, they are provided with details of the implementation requirements or they can choose from a list of recommended packages.

Once the system has been specified, SAP provides a configured package and a methodology that is designed to enable companies to tune the software and resolve any implementation issues.

The original information used to scope the project is applied in business process monitoring and to help ensure the new service is delivered efficiently.


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