SAP debuts Lumira; self-service business intelligence

The new cloud offering will replace today's Visual Intelligence product.

Ahead of its Sapphire Now customer conference next week, SAP announced this morning the availability of Lumira, a self-service business intelligence platform that replaces the Visual Intelligence product it has on offer today.

(Why the name change? It's a more "human-friendly yet Google-ready" moniker, Timo Elliott writes. Well, okay.)

The company is touting the new software's cloud capabilities, such as its ability to visualize data in real-time, share documents across devices, publish datasets to the cloud and share analytics around them. It's built on HTML5 and, naturally, has native support for SAP's HANA in-memory computing technology.

Nonetheless, the business case remains the same: with self-service software, you can reduce the need for IT support without necessarily resorting to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Standard, personal and trial editions of the software are available today in SAP's Store.