SAP doubles down on IoT, teams with Intel and Siemens

The software maker announced the HANA Cloud Platform for IoT during its Sapphire Now conference in Orlando.


ORLANDO -- SAP is moving deeper into the Internet of Things, revealing Wednesday the HANA Cloud Platform for IoT.

The software maker also announced collaboration plans with German corporation Siemens AG and chipmaker Intel to expand its burgeoning IoT portfolio.

Bernd Leukert of SAP's executive board unveiled HCP for the IoT during his Wednesday morning keynote, noting how the platform could be used in applications for connected cars, logistics, smart cities and smart vending systems.

"We get the possibilities of taking the data streams from these products and store them, process them in real time, adding the richness of the HANA Cloud Platform itself with the predictive capabilities," Leukert said.

"It comes with a direct connection into your existing business, which is key to success. You need to close the loop from inside millions of sensors into your operational business up to the boardroom."

The platform is built using existing SAP technology, such as predictive analytics, telematics and geolocation, and enables companies to connect to devices on the edge of their business.

SAP is making HCP for IoT deployable on a business's private cloud or for use by companies to operate a device cloud for their own customers.

The partnerships with Siemens and Intel can be seen as the second component to SAP's IoT push.

Intel will provide SAP a blueprint for crafting interoperable IoT tools, which will work with the HANA platform to simplify and accelerate deployments. SAP said the first step in the collaboration is a joint proof of concept to integrate Intel's IoT Gateway with the SAP cloud.

As for Siemens, the German conglomerate will use HCP to build its own cloud for industry. The intent of the combined clouds is to give industrial customers the ability to analyze large datasets and drive value from IoT sensor data. Siemens said it plans to keep the IT ecosystem based on HCP open for developers and manufacturers.

SAP's latest efforts in IoT don't come as much of a surprise. The company has been working to expand its presence in the IoT space, including a previous partnership announced in early March with global IoT platform provider Jasper. Under the terms of their partnership, Jasper agreed to integrate its platform with SAP's HANA.