SAP, Esri team on HANA geospatial integration

The aim of the two companies is to allow geospatial analytics to run natively in SAP's HANA platform.

SAP on Wednesday said that it is bolstering the geospatial capabilities in its HANA analytics platform via improved integration with Esri, which makes mapping software.

The two companies have been integration partners for years, but big data and analytics in asset heavy industries have created customer overlaps.

SAP's HANA SPS10 includes new geospatial features to support 3D as well as real time coordinate changes. Under an expanded partnership, Esri's ArcGIS users will be able to input spatial data directly into HANA. Esri's platform will use SAP HANA's real time processing. Direct access between the applications will lead to faster processing and a more simple data connection.

In addition, SAP said that Esri's base maps and content can be used directly in its Lumira interface. Nic Smith, senior director product marketing analytics, said the main takeaway from the SAP-Esri partnership is that geospatial data is now native and mobile ready.

As far as reference customers go, Lufthsansa Systems is using SAP HANA to track flights with a 3D mapping interface.