SAP expands Accenture partnership, cloud access for financial management

The software giant reinforces its cloud commitment with a push to build out its Financial Asset Management platform and its collaboration with Accenture.


SAP and Accenture announced Thursday that they are expanding their global alliance through an agreement to offer new cloud-based offerings designed for industry-specific and technology-enabled operations.

Accenture said it intends to combine the capabilities of Accenture Operations with SAP subsidiary Ariba's cloud platform and network to develop next-gen offerings that further automate the procure-to-pay process.

Dr. Chakib Bouhdary, EVP of Industry Solution and Business Networks for SAP, said in prepared remarks: 

Business networks have changed the way companies collaborate with their supply chains. By digitizing the interactions between companies, business networks are transforming how business is done in a global economy. Accenture will be able to deliver the next generation of BPO solutions with the Ariba Network and provide greater results for clients worldwide. 

Accenture and SAP announced the creation of the Accenture and SAP Business Solutions Group in March and outlined plans for the venture that include bringing together solution development, go-to-market teams and product research. The companies said the goal of the partnership is to "significantly expedite" the joint-solution development process which brings industry solutions to market.

In another announcement Thursday, SAP, along with partners COMPIRICUS and ConVista Consulting, announced plans to expand the availability of the SAP Financial Asset Management application to insurance companies in North America.

The scalable application is available both on-premise and via the cloud, and is designed to help insurance companies navigate the regulatory environment and investment management market in various regions. 

Given SAP's recent  commitment  to deliver all its applications through the cloud, the on-premise availability will likely play second fiddle.

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