SAP Hybris to deliver end-to-end customer service with new CRM suite

SAP has argued that existing customer relationship management systems in the market are archaic, and believes its three new products will 'redefine' the category.

SAP has argued that existing customer relationship management (CRM) software offered in the market is not actually delivering on what it promises.

SAP Hybris APAC senior vice president Graham Jackson told ZDNet that existing traditional legacy cloud-based CRM systems were designed to manage customer records, not customer relationships.

He added that current systems lack end-to-end integration, omni-channel reach, and real-time access to information, which are creating "major barriers" for lasting customer relationships, and, more importantly, not providing businesses with a single view of their customers -- a goal that businesses are currently striving for.

"The term 'single view' has been around a long time, but there hasn't been any software vendor that has delivered on that promise to this point. It's a very easy thing to say, and a very difficult thing to achieve," he said.

"Unless you can provide that view across multiple touch points, you're not going to get there. A view of a customer is not a single view, and that word every business aspires to -- single view of inventory and single view of customer -- are the two major things that are required to actually deliver an omni-channel strategy, and those are the two extremely difficult things to achieve," he said.

To fill this supposed gap in the market and "redefine" CRM as the market knows it, SAP will be launching three products as part of its first wave of suites of front office applications under its SAP Hybris portfolio: SAP Hybris Profile, SAP Hybris Customer Experience, and SAP Hybris as a Service.

Jackson claimed SAP Hybris Profile would give businesses a profile of customers across multiple channels; SAP Hybris Customer Experience is an omni-channel content management system that has been designed to drive consistent experience across multiple touch points including web, mobile, physical, and wearables; and SAP Hybris as a Serivce is a microservices foundation which will be connected with SAP Hybris applications in the front office.

"The front office has become the most complicated and expensive area of an enterprise's activity, and this is about simplifying it," he said.

Jackson further touted that given the products have been built on SAP HANA, the company's hero cloud platform, customers will be able to access information in real time.

"If you are currently based on an age-old database and you have to extract, transform, and then load data, you're already out of date. To be able to action in real time is critical," he said.

As part of the announcement, SAP is collaborating with software partners, including DocuSign, Genband, OpenText, and Sprinklr, to integrate their technologies with its newest solutions.

The introduction of the new suites of products comes off the back of SAP bringing all of its CRM and marketing products into an integrated suite in September last year. Part of that saw SAP acquire Hybris in 2013 and sales specialist SeeWhy last May to round out its enterprise commerce offerings with an omni-channel platform that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Jackson reiterated that SAP's share of the market in the traditional CRM is growing "significantly", and believes that with its latest releases, there is a $50 billion to $60 billion market opportunity.