SAP makes mobile app to alleviate DIY headaches

The BILT app gives consumers step-by-step graphical assembly instructions, and gives manufacturers a means to up their experience game.

Credit: SAP

At one time or another, every IKEA shopper has suffered through the assembly doldrums, wishing there was an easier way to navigate through an inch-thick instruction book.

Well a new mobile app by enterprise software giant SAP could be the respite that the non-mechanically minded people of the world have been waiting for. It’s called BILT, and it provides interactive, 3D, voice-guided assembly, repair and installation instructions on iOS and Android tablets.


But what's probably more interesting about the app is the way SAP is marketing it to retailers and manufacturers. Obviously, instructions for every DIY item won’t just show in the app — manufacturers have to pay for them to be hosted on the platform. The cost is worth it though, says SAP, because of the experience boost it gives to customers and the potential sales boost it offers manufacturers.

SAP says retailers stand to benefit, too. For retailers selling items that use BILT, there’s an increased likelihood that positive user reviews and social buzz could lead to more sales, according to SAP.

Here's a bit of research SAP did on consumers using BILT in beta:

- Consumers are 20 percent more likely to recommend a product to a friend when assembling it using BILT;

- They are 50 percent more likely to register a product when accompanied by BILT instructions;

- And they just feel better, as 40 percent of study participants said they experienced a boost in confidence after building with the help of BILT.

"Consumer products companies and retailers understand that value is created every time you improve the customer experience," said Pat Bakey, global head of Consumer Industries, SAP. "BILT offers an opportunity to extend the relationship  beyond the immediate transaction, helping ensure the experience promised is the one received."