SAP, NHL collaborate on big data-fueled online statistics hub for fans

Situated at, the SAP-powered digital hub will host roughly 100 years of NHL statistics.

Following up several collaborations in the National Football League and National Basketball Association, SAP is picking up the pace in another sporting arena thanks to a new deal with the National Hockey League.

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The NHL is launching a new online statistics platform fueled by data crunched by SAP's cornerstone HANA in-memory database.

After more than eight months in the making, the hub situated at will host roughly 100 years of NHL stats.

NHL executives said the service will offer a new dimension to the game for both diehard hockey fans while also providing casual followers with a better understanding of the game.

The SAP-backed platform will actually roll out over the next few years, starting with a fresh stats homepage and interactive leaderboard designed to be visually richer and easier to navigate.

One of the key changes included to please fans, according to NHL reps and SAP designers, was to showcase the players with better images, team logos, and the most important numbers to know in real-time.

A new feature on the gateway is a milestone tracker for individual players, comparing latest stats and achievements in real-time to both contemporary competitors and all-time leaders.

SAP has been ramping up its cloud software products geared towards sports for the last five years.

For example, the NBA has been using SAP technology for its own online stats hub for a few years now. That particular digital scoreboard is teeming with results, news headlines, social media tie-ins and charts analyzing players' shots over recent games and even the last several seasons. Within six months of launching, the SAP-powered site registered more than 13 million users.

The new NHL statistics platform was unveiled amid a rather unusual venue for hockey.

The announcement dropped the day before the nearby San Jose Sharks play the Los Angeles Kings in the first outdoor hockey matchup at Levi's Stadium.

The software maker also already boasts a significant presence at this particular stadium, where its name and sponsorship are emblazoned on the performance training center for the San Francisco 49ers.

Last August, SAP introduced SAP Scouting, a cloud-based app powered by HANA and designed for scouts, executives, coaches, and trainers. These professionals are directed to use the app for filing player evaluations and lining these up with real-time quantitative data to streamline comparing prospective players.

The draft for the 2015-16 season marks the first time the 49ers have put SAP Scouting into play.