SAP releases third ERP upgrade package

The company's upgrade package for its ERP product consists of 50 modules and will be released in full by mid 2008
Written by Victoria Ho, Contributor

SAP has released a third "enhancement package" for its enterprise resource planning product.

The package is a free software upgrade which allows customers to download modules to access new features without overhauling their core systems.

Customers are also able to upgrade their systems incrementally, without enduring the possible disruption that comes with a full software upgrade, said SAP in a statement.

The release includes some 50 "enterprise services bundles", which are packaged enterprise resource planning (ERP) service modules addressing common industry-specific business processes, such as grant and tax-revenue management for the public sector, and merchandise planning for retail, for example.

Simon Dale, SAP Asia-Pacific and Japan's senior vice president and chief technology officer, said the software giant will soon release similar upgrade packages for its four other products — CRM, PLM, SCM and SRM — that, together with ERP, make up its Business Suite product.

A recent study conducted by IT consultancy West Trax said companies could save cost on ERP deployments by upgrading more often and avoiding customised software.

SAP released its first software "enhancement package" in 2006, with the second in mid 2007. This latest package will be released in full by the middle of this year, said SAP.

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