SAP wants to improve user engagement insight with on-demand approach

SAP has introduced a new on-demand platform for real-time insight into performance management.

SAP has introduced a new method designed to offer real-time insight and "break down barriers" to understanding user engagement with an on-demand approach.

Announced amid the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference in Orlando this week, the SAP Enterprise Performance Management OnDemand platform is built upon the SAP HANA application cloud as well as other mobile and in memory solutions to offer real-time insights from anywhere for the purpose of being able to retool strategies on-the-fly. That includes support from the iPad to add-ins for Microsoft Office.

The on-demand element is intended to lower the total cost of ownership because it should reduce the amount of time previously needed to deploy and maintain new applications being integrated with existing on-premise systems.

SAP adds that the use of cloud-based apps would also cut back on upfront costs because the business management software provider is offering the option of subscribing to pay-as-you-go software delivered as a service.

Some of the initial targeted applications that will be available with the solution focus on project planning and cost analysis.

For example, real-time profit and loss analysis reports include detailed information about allocating costs based on consumption of resources, while capital project planning offers managers and financial experts with a bigger picture of the budget and potential consequences of various investments.

SAP is promising to add more targeted apps in the future on a frequent basis. The enterprise-ready OnDemand solution is touted to be compatible with existing installed SAP solutions for business planning and performance management.