SAP's Wookey leaves company

John Wookey, SAP's executive vice president in charge of development and leader of its on-demand efforts, has left the company

SAP's John Wookey has left the company, three years after his high-profile hiring.

SAP John Wookey

SAP's John Wookey led the company's on-demand efforts. Photo credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET News

Wookey, executive vice president in charge of development, led SAP's on-demand efforts, including the launch of Sales On-Demand. The news, which was announced on Twitter by Keith Costello, general manager of SAP's business analytics unit, comes just a few weeks before the company's Sapphire conference in Orlando.

In November 2008, SAP brought on Wookey, a former Oracle executive, to oversee the company's large enterprise on demand efforts. Wookey's role revolved around bringing SAP's core software into a software-as-a-service model.

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