SAS Institute's Enterprise Guide released

Detailed management reports and data analysis are now within easy reach with SAS Insitute's newly launched Enterprise Guide.

SAS Institute has launched Enterprise Guide - a Windows-based client software designed for users to access company statistics, perform data analysis and compile detailed reports.

Enterprise Guide offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI)and users can execute analysis of data with point-and-click ease, providing professional and repeatable results to colleagues or clients.

In addition, Enterprise Guide automates key tasks - including data collection, analysis and display. It can also schedule interactive tasks to run unattended. Results can be distributed by e-mail, published on the World Wide Web, or using SAS' own publish-and-subscribe technology.

"Almost any employee can now exploit corporate intelligence resources for better-informed decision-making using the Windows-enabled Enterprise Guide," said James Cottrell, marketing manager for SAS Hong Kong & Guangzhou.

Enterprise Guide users will include marketing and sales managers, as well as statistical analysts who devise competitive strategies for customer and supplier relationships based on the intelligence that SAS derives from market data.

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