Sasser grass in the frame as virus accomplice

'It was him!' 'But not me...honest'

'It was him!' 'But not me...honest'

The man who shopped the suspected author of the Sasser virus has himself fallen under suspicion of being involved in malware-making.

Along with four others, the man is now under investigation by German authorities, following the arrest of 18-year-old Sven Jaschan last month. According to reports in the Germany, the five are students at the same college as Jaschan.

The charges against Jaschan are several counts of computer sabotage, with the five others thought to be suspected of the same crime.

The man originally approached Microsoft about the suspected author's identity when the software giant put a price on virus writers' heads. If the informant is charged, he won't be receiving any of the $250,000 offered for the capture of those behind the malware.